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Above Ground Vinyl Pool Vacuum

The Above Ground pool vacuum is designed to vacuum up dirt, sand and other debris from your pool's surface, the vacuum cleaner is further equipped with a detector which warns you of potential danger conceding that in the pool while it is.

Vinyl Liner Pool Vacuum Hdx

This wonderful Vinyl liner pool vacuum is for pool owners who desire to clean their pool in style, this vacuum is manufactured with an anti-static brush and suction cup to keep your pool clean and free of dirt and debris. The head of the vacuum is likewise adjustable to ever-changing levels of suction, so you can control how much space is available to play in your pool, this pool vacuum is conjointly good for cleaning up any residual messes afterwards. Our pool vacuum brushes for use in a swimming pool are designed to clean every nook and cranny of the liner, other brushes will reach deep into the liner; not so with our option. Our choice is designed to work with and deep clean the liner core, not the sides, the Above Ground pool vacuum head is top-notch for lovers with a round pool and hulling difficult to remove pool cleaners. This pool vacuum head is weighted Vinyl pool vacuum head that is exceptional for Above Ground pools with flared sides, this head offers a slimmed-down design that make it easier to clean and hulling difficult to remove pool cleaners. This pool vacuum head is moreover environment-friendly and imparts a triennial filters that launder the pool water, the Above Ground pool vacuum is an outstanding way for admirers wanting for an effective and lightweight pool vacuum. The vacuum head attachment weighted to allows you to reach your pool with ease and can work with both pool types and types of water, the vacuum head attachment is helpful when cleaning your pool as it gives a weight to make it facile to move the pool vacuum.