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Aqua Ez 5-in Underwater Handheld Pool Vacuum

If you're wanting for a first-class on-the-go pool vacuum that can handle all of your pool needs, the Aqua Ez 5-in Underwater Handheld pool vacuum is your alternative to get the job done, this vacuum comes with an 5-in cord, so you can get the job done right and keep your pool clean and clutter-free at the same time.

Aqua Ez 5-in Handheld Pool Vacuum

The Aqua Ez 5-in Underwater Handheld pool vacuum is puissant for cleaning and cleaning assets In your pool, the vacuum extends a long suction cord and is patent pending vacuum cleaner technology. The vacuum can clean pools up to 5 gallons In size, the vacuum is supported by a durable base and is lightweight making it basic to move. The Aqua Ez 5-in Underwater Handheld pool vacuum is sensational for people times when cleaning is not possible or when final cleaning with a more powerful vacuum is desired, this Aqua Ez 5-in Underwater Handheld pool vacuum is a first-class substitute for people hunting for an efficient andhispanic-friendly pool vacuum. The vacuum is basic to operate and contains all the features needed for an anisotropic water content In your pool, the Aqua Ez Handheld pool vacuum is conjointly practical for pool owners who crave an efficient and knowledgeable pool cleaner. This is a top-notch Handheld pool vacuum for individuals who have a pool, this vacuum is facile to handle and can clean smaller pools up to 6 quarts size. The Aqua Ez 5 renders a quick start guide and effortless to handle features, the Aqua Ez 5 In Underwater Handheld pool vacuum is an excellent Handheld pool vacuum that is sure to clean your pool quickly and easily. This vacuum is expert series compatible and comes with a Handheld control arm that makes it uncomplicated to move your pool, the Ez 5 is In like manner efficient and can clean the top and bottom of the pool easily.