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Intex Pool Vacuum

Intex 28001 e above ground swimming pool automatic vacuum cleaner is best-in-the-class for admirers who grove on to swim, with an automatic vacuum cleaner, this pool can become a place where people can relax and take a break. Plus, the therein can be used as an addition to your home’s ambiance.

Pool Vacuum For Above Ground Pool

This Intex pool vacuum is top-notch for above ground pools! It is equipped with a pressure side vacuum cleaner and 21 ft hose, this pool vacuum can clean all around your pool, keeping your pool clean and free of debris. Intex automatic pool vacuum is a valuable way for lovers who desiderate a powerful and efficient pool cleaner, the vacuum is able to clean pool homes and up to in speed. It provides an 21 ft hose design that can easily move up and down the swim house or pool, the vacuum also extends a carrying case and 191 kidding battery. This pool vacuum is practical for cleaning up the pool area, this Intex pool vacuum gray is an exceptional addition to your home pool. It is small enough to be used in small spaces and can get the job done quickly, the vacuum folks a red because it is now being used to clean the pool's bottom. This Intex pool vacuum is a practical way for an admirer digging for a pool vacuum that can do the job quickly and efficiently, the vacuum cleaner resolutions against the Intex pool filter and eliminates the need to run a rinse cycle. The pool vacuum also includes an 1, 5-fitting for facile installation.